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Introducing She Rises Virtual Day Programmes

  ... We are confident that our new approach will be just as impactful

Zondervan to publish 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership!

Are you M.A.D. with the world?!

  There are at least three approaches to being M.A.D. with the world...  

Women in Leadership

'Good' Friday and Veronica... ordinary woman from Jerusalem demonstrates what ordinary people, like you and I (oh and Kate!), can do when we are motivated by compassion and love and prepared to engage with the scene before us...  

Giving honour where honour is due!

Thanks for the trail blazers, the pioneers, the visionaries, the emancipators, the bus boycotters, the resistance leaders, the mathematicians/computers (who helped to put a man on the moon)!  

'I am about to do something new...'

I’m reminded that while the future may not look too bright on the home front or indeed internationally – depends where you stand of course – am in exactly the right place...   

New year, new decade, new normal...

My 2020 vision includes a desire for greater courage and conviction, even if it means difficulty and danger...


Be the Gift

Just happily breezed through Black Friday and Cyber Monday - offers galore!  On-line deals, market deals, shop front deals… the list is endless!  You may think I’ve gone over the top… well, you may be right!