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By Rev Cham Kaur-Mann, Rev Dr Kate Coleman

This Black History Month, we want to affirm that black history is a part of global history and deserves recognition every day of every month, of every year. 

Recent events have made it clear that we still have a long way to go in addressing themes raised by the idea, 'Black Lives Matter'.  

So, if in the past few months you have signed a declaration, gone on a march, participated in significant but uncomfortable conversations, done some background reading/research, prayed like you’ve never prayed before regarding matters of race and engaged in some serious soul searching... That's great, but there’s still much more to be done...  

The truth is the journey of transformation is a costly one and there are no short cuts (that I’ve been able to find anyway…).  If that is what you were hoping for, please stop reading this now because (spoiler alert), the real work is only just beginning.  A wise woman said, ‘Just as society will not change overnight, neither will you.’  This journey will require considerable reflection, a great deal more prayer (because this is after all also a spiritual battle) and extraordinary but everyday courage.  

To encourage us on our way, this month's blog includes a video talk.  We are grateful to our wonderful church Renewal for inviting Kate to re-present this message for a Sunday service as part of a series on Justice.  The message is called ‘Following Jesus in a Racialised World’ and begins 34 minutes into the service.

Because Black Lives (still) Matter...


About the authors

Rev Cham Kaur-Mann

Rev Cham Kaur-Mann has nearly 20 years leadership experience, in the church, charity and voluntary sectors and is a mentor and coach to leaders. She is the first (and currently only) Asian woman minister within the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

Cham is Co-Director of Next Leadership and has also worked with the Cinnamon Network as the Trainers’ Team Manager, delivering leadership training across the UK.

She is a motivational speaker with a unique and compelling ability to ‘story a story’.  Cham mentors, coaches and supports leaders from a variety of sectors.  She is author of ‘Images of Jesus’ and ‘Are there traditional “women’s ministries”?’

Cham is a Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach.

Rev Dr Kate Coleman

Rev Dr Kate Coleman is the founding director of Next Leadership. She has well over 30 years of leadership experience in the church, charity, voluntary and business sectors, and is a mentor and coach to leaders from diverse sectors, backgrounds and communities.

Kate completed a term as Chair of the Evangelical Alliance Council (2012-2014), is a former president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (2006-2007), and a Baptist Minister.

A popular speaker and lecturer, Kate has gained a reputation as a pioneer, visionary and an inspiration too many. She is a strategic advisor who mentors, coaches and supports leaders and organisations locally, nationally and internationally. Recognised as one of the 20 most influential black Christian women leaders in the UK. 

Her network extends across all sectors and church denominations. Kate is the author of 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership. Her media contributions include the mainstream press, radio and TV. Kate is a Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).