Flagship Programmes

The Next Leadership learning approach is theoretical, experiential and practical 

We employ a blend of mentoring, coaching, consulting and spiritual formation. We also draw on current research, ancient wisdom, facilitation, role modelling, networking, reflection, cultural perspectives, observation in action, specialist knowledge, experience from cross sector contexts, best practice, creativity and fun! 

She Rises

This programme and accompanying book 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership, is dedicated to empowering women leaders from diverse sectors, backgrounds and communities through a process of exploration, personal transformation and mutual encouragement. Women are equipped to recognise and affirm what is ‘good’ and ‘unique’ about their leadership, to aspire to greater heights and to address what is potentially destructive. ‘She Rises’ reflects the expectation, inspiration and aspiration of women leaders.

Collaborative Leadership: Leading for or in Diversity

Collaborative leadership skills are important in the 21st Century because the demands of leadership have changed. Leaders today need a whole new set of skills and must be able to harness ideas, people, and resources from across boundaries of all kinds. Wherever you see a boundary that could be a potential barrier, the collaborative leader is the one who builds a bridge and crosses it. However, the real skill of collaborative leadership is the ability to make diversity of skill, talent, social or cultural distinctives, work in powerful, productive and creative ways.

7 P's in Persevering Leadership

This programme is designed to develop resilience in leaders from diverse sectors, backgrounds and communities. Through the themes of purpose, priorities, persistence, process, perspective, people and provision, leaders are encouraged to develop the necessary ‘elasticity’ required for effective leadership in fast-changing environments.

What if?... Re-imagining the Future

This programme explores multiple, provocative and plausible futures adopting a scenario planning approach. It is based on the premise that leaders rightly reflect on future related questions, ‘what will the future look like? How will it be different from today? What should I be doing as an individual, or we as an organisation in order to progress our mission in the light of these potential challenges?

Leadership in Formation

This programme is designed to facilitate the formation of Christian leaders (and those on a spiritual journey) from diverse sectors, backgrounds and communities. It is based upon the premise that leadership development is a journey marked by cycles of critical incidents, character maturity, transition, being skillful and legacy creation.