Collaborative Leadership: Leading for or in Diversity

Collaborative leadership skills are important in the 21st Century because the demands of leadership have changed.  

Leaders today need a whole new set of skills and must be able to harness ideas, people, and resources from across boundaries of all kinds. Wherever you see a boundary that could be a potential barrier, the collaborative leader is the one who builds a bridge and crosses it.  However, the real skill of collaborative leadership is the ability to make diversity of skill, talent, social or cultural distinctives, work in powerful, productive and creative ways.


1 Why collaborative leadership?

2 What’s ‘privilege’ got to do with it? 

3 What can I do differently? 

4 What can we do differently?  

What our clients say

Next Leadership have stretched the thinking of leaders at every level of our organisation. Their input brought challenge and facilitated our own reflection, leading to powerful personal and collective insight. We’re now being supported through change and growth that will enable us to build a more sustainable collaborative leadership culture. We’re really grateful.

Tim Morfin