She Rises

This programme is dedicated to empowering women leaders from diverse sectors, backgrounds and communities through a process of exploration, personal transformation and mutual encouragement. Women are equipped to recognise and affirm what is ‘good’ and ‘unique’ about their leadership, to aspire to greater heights and to address what is potentially destructive.  ‘She Rises’ reflects the expectation, inspiration and aspiration of women leaders.


Leadership Stories

No leader emerges from a vacuum, we all come from somewhere and we all come with ‘stuff’.  Explore how your leadership story has been shaped and what it would take to rewrite a more empowering version of your leadership story.

Leadership Weights and Waits

Over the course of time we develop unique, self-defeating habits and behaviours that ‘weigh’ on our leadership and essentially undermine our effectiveness and hinder our progress.  Identify potentially destructive habits and develop the strategies you’ll need to overcome them.

3 Critical Leadership Habits   

Four manifestations of Limiting Self-Perceptions are ‘shrink to fit’, lack of confidence, perfectionism and false humility. When combined with the inability to establish empowering boundaries (i.e. your best ‘yes’ and ‘no’), these behaviours become profound leadership liabilities. Formulate approaches to defeat these particular leadership challenges.

4 The 'Futures' of Your Leadership

Women in leadership often face greater opposition and resistance from men and women behaving badly.  They may also succumb more readily to the ‘Disease to Please’.  Explore the internal and external 'driving forces’ creating the possible 'futures' of your leadership and identify tools designed to deliver your desired leadership future.

5 Leading Your Own Well-being

Living more healthily is less about ‘balance’ and more about developing a ‘rhythm’ that truly enables you to work, rest and play. Identify your unique drives and passions and discover ways to feed not only your body and mind but also your spiritual and emotional life with the help of your ‘inner circle’ (often family members).

6 Aligning with Your God-inspired Personal Vision   

A key to resilience in leadership, lies in discovering a personal vision compelling enough to inspire and sustain throughout the inevitable challenges we face as leaders. You will discover and align with a more God-inspired personal vision based upon your unique design and gifts.

Recommended reading for this programme is: 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership. Please contact us for details of costs and programme options.

What our clients say

The shared days have definitely played a part in the increased sense of emotional health and well-being I have experienced over the last 18 months – which have been a very significant time for me."

Programme attendee