Small Group Mentoring and Coaching

These sessions are for groups of up to 8 individuals and are particularly powerful when undertaken in the context of wider organisational development.

We tailor our approach to the specific needs of senior leadership teams, groups of elders, directors, trustees and others.

We will help you…

  • Grow your leadership capacity as a group
  • Transition your organisation or Church to the next level or consider your options
  • Clarify your vision and/or mission
  • Transform your organisational/Church culture
  • By facilitating difficult conversations
  • Improve team dynamics
  • Address diversity needs in your workforce or ministry team

What next?

The first step is an Enquiry call. This is a 15 to 30-minute confidential conversation designed to assess your needs and answer your questions. There is no charge for this conversation. Should you choose to proceed, we will establish next steps together.

What our clients say

We chose Next Leadership; Kate and Cham gave us “something special”, and made such an impact that we changed working practice, supported increased numbers and found ways of empowering people to use their gifts and talents in ways that helped them and the community at large.

We developed the confidence to seek and work with partners and have moved from working in one location to plans for five across a wider area of Staffordshire.

They worked closely with us in planning, the programme was closely matched to our needs. They led us sensitively and quickly gained the confidence of staff and directors alike. They challenged us to evaluate our effectiveness in meeting our aspirations and how we could improve the service we gave to our community. Participants responded well to their collaborative style, understood the value of their daily contributions and “took ownership” of further development.

Next Leadership was more than leadership training - they truly invested in us as people and our organisation and we are the better for it!

Tony Schofield
Chair of Directors, Signposts, Stafford